Our Rooms

Pre-School Room

Our pre-school room offers lots of space for our children to explore and grow as well as natural and real life resources to promote first hand experiences of awe and wonder.

Through play, imagination and the child’s interest we build on important skills and knowledge to prepare them for their next step in their educational journey.

The children are more independent and are encouraged to voice their opinions and thoughts.

The children are supported by experienced and passionate practitioners and our Early Years Teacher and graduates to ensure they reach their full potential.

Our preschool children have an exciting outdoor space which is bursting with magic and adventure.


Our toddler room is full of curious and exciting resources carefully selected to spark imagination and cognitive development.

Our toddlers experience new levels of independence and confidence as they explore with support and encouragement from practitioners.

Our toddlers start to build their educational foundations in all areas through open ended play and carefully planned child focused activities.

Our toddlers have a wonderful outdoor play space where they can connect with nature and discover new worlds.

Our toddler room is supported by our Early Years teacher and graduate lead.]

Sensory Room

Our quiet and cosy sensory space is used by all our children to explore and engage with sensory resources, from listening to music, looking at the different light displays to curling up on the soft fluffy sofa reading a book.

This is an area for small group or 1:1 interactions with your child and key person.

Baby Room

Our babyroom is warm and inviting and offers lots of sensory opportunities for your baby to develop and build their physical, social, emotional and communication skills.

We have natural resources with lots of different textures to explore, and plenty of space for those first steps. 

Our babies have access to their own private outdoor play space, so they can enjoy the seasons. Our practitioners will work closely with parents/carers to replicate home routines regarding sleeping and eating patterns as well as helping your baby settle into nursery life with ease.

Our baby room is supported by our Early Years teacher and graduate lead.


We value the importance of reading from an early age and have books and stories accessible in all areas across our rooms.

Our children visit our onsite library for special story sessions regularly and we have guest readers invited in throughout the year to read to our children, this has become a favourite tradition that the children look forward to.

We also have our book swap nook, children are encouraged to take a book home to enjoy and bring back or bring a book they think others will like and add to our collection.